Chief Officer

/ Falkirk Council

“Referring to over 400 boilers installed in its premises the Council’s Buildings Operations Co-ordinator said that the electric combi boilers were really good with regards to efficiency and costs. His comments were based on feedback from tenants. He added that the systems had proved so successful that several tenants who initially refused to change over, later had the systems fitted having been persuaded by tenants who already had the systems up and running.”

Mr A Richards

/ Glasgow

“We had a Thermaflow heating system fitted a number of years ago and it has reduced our heating and hot water costs significantly by using off peak electricity available. We have heat from the radiators and hot water in the taps when we want it and we do not have to wait. We don’t have to worry that the water will suddenly go cold.”

Mrs Smith

/ Dumbarton

“We find our Thermaflow heating system simple to use. The room temperatures are so very easy to control and the constant hot water is a delight. It switches automatically to off peak electricity so we don’t have to worry about missing out on cheaper bills. It is quiet and provides mains pressure hot water when we need it.”

John Rae

/ Installer

“I have fitted the THERMAflow boilers regularly. I have found them to be the most efficient of electric boilers and customers have reported significant savings on hot water and heating costs through the use of lower off peak electricity. When combined with solar thermal panels the savings have increased significantly further. So when electricity is cheap or free then using a THERMAflow boiler to store heat energy and use it when you need it makes great sense.”

Neat Heat

/ Installers

“We have installed around 2,000 Thermaflow boilers in the last 10 years for Local Authority’s, Housing Associations as well as for individual householders. The boilers are easy to install and maintain, which is important when working on large contracts. Our customers use both the E2000 or E10 tariffs and the boilers consistently deliver lower running costs through use of off peak electricity. We find that if the boiler is correctly matched to the property and correctly installed then customers find significant savings over direct acting boilers or storage heating. We will continue to recommend the Thermaflow boilers to customers”
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Clarke Pheely

/ Assured Heating

“I have been fitting the full range of Thermaflow boilers for 9 years. They are easy to install and maintain. We have found that once the customer’s requirements have been matched to the right Thermaflow boiler, that boiler correctly fitted, maintained and operated, then running costs can be significantly reduced. Those boilers that link to solar thermal and wood burning systems are equally straightforward to install. We have no hesitation in recommending installing the Thermaflow boiler where we think that a wet electric boiler is required or requested.”
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Moira Boyd

/ Bishopbriggs

“The Thermaflow is very easy to operate and I receive instant heat. I previously had storage heating and the Thermaflow is much better.”

Mrs Bird

/ Falkirk

“I have had a Thermaflow for 6 years I find the system very economical and easy to use.”

Mrs Payne

/ Cumbernauld

“The Thermaflow is very easy to operate. This is the best system I have ever had. I always have hot water and heating when I want it. The running costs are amazing. I previously had gas but there is no contest the Thermaflow is the best.”


/ Great Yarmouth

“I have lived in the above address for approximately 2 Years, it is a two bedroomed flat and is fitted with one of your boilers, which I must say has saved me a lot of money. My previous apartment was a two bedroomed flat and was costing me £125 per month in heating and electricity Since moving to my current address have noticed a huge difference and my monthly payments have now dropped to £74 per month I would have no hesitation in recommending your boilers to anyone it provides great heat and ample water.

Ellis Gee

/ Glasgow

“My landlord, Dexter Bowers, asked me to contact you regarding my positive experience regarding the central heating in my apartment.

I have lived in my existing (2 bed) apartment for nearly 3 years and it is fitted with traditional closed-circuit wet radiator central heating (7 radiators total), heated using a Thermaflow TSL9 250u combination electric boiler. I have found this to be, in my opinion, superbly efficient. I have the timer set as per the suggested setting on your website. I simply control the heat requirements with the central thermostat. All radiators have stats too. I generally have the room stat. at 19/20°c when I’m relaxing, I turn it down to 17 when I go to bed and down to 15 when I go out. This works well for me, the apartment is always comfortable, I never run out of “heat” or hot water. I have a reasonable size bath, which I use twice per week, otherwise I shower. My total energy cost for the last 12 months is less than £900, which I am very pleased with.”