Thermaflow ASHP and Biomass combination buffer vessels

Thermaflow ASHP and Biomass

Combination Buffer Vessels

The perfect partner for:
Air Source Heat Pumps | Biomass | Solar Thermal | Solar PV | Wood Boiler Stoves

The intelligent way to harness renewable energy

Leading the way in reducing heating and hot water running costs.Buffer vessel

Increases the efficiency of renewable energy systems.

Link the Thermaflow Combination Buffer to the Thermaflow Air-Tec heat pumps or equivalent to reduce your heating and hot water costs by at least 50%.

Linked with a Thermaflow Air-Tec heat pump or equivalent, it can achieve running costs up to 25% less than natural gas, depending on tariff.

Pre-fitted components – simplifies the installation and maintenance of the complete system.

Available options in all sizes

  • Standard model
  • Solar model
  • Wood burner model
  • Solar & Wood burner model
  • Air Source Heat Pump model
  • Biomass model