TS300 Solar Technical Data


Gross area: 2.02 m²
Absorber area: 1.84 m²
Absorber area: 1.84 m²
Overall dimensions LxWxH: 1730x1170x83 mm
Panel Weight: Approx. 32 kg
Absorber capacity: Approx. 1,56l
Housing material: Al-frame
Surface quality: Untreated aluminium
Panel back sheet material: Aluminium sheet
Absorber sheet: Aluminium, high selective coated, laser welded
Absorber type: Harp absorber
Absorption: 95%
Emission: 5%
Ø header tube: 22 mm
Ø risers: 8 mm
Connections: Blank tube ends for use with compression fittings
Glass: 3,2 mm tempered solar safety glass
Transmitance of glass: 90.20%
Insulation: 40 mm mineral wool plate
Max. stagnation temperature: 184°C under test conditions
Max. operating pressure: 10 bar
Heat transfer medium: Propylene glycol / water mixture
Approved installation angle: Min. 15°, max. 75°
Guarantee: 10 years (see t&c)
Certification: Solar keymark & MCS Ŋ0a zero loss coefficient on
Aperture area: 0.814
α1a heat loss: 4.061
α1a heat loss: 0.013